Smarter Freight, Guaranteed Efficiency

DonTruck is the innovative logistics platform for shippers, carriers, brokers, and agents to plan and execute their business. Works everywhere and provides real-time visibility. Identify inefficiencies, take action, and grow your business through data-driven actionable insights.

Why us

With in-depth industry know-how DonTruck incorporates the most innovative technologies. Grow and improve your efficiency by having access to the latest generation platform that works from everywhere. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and visibility to exceed your business goals:

Improve On time Delivery (OTD) by


Improve your productivity by


Reduce detention by


Reduce your operational costs by


Make more money

Reduce your operational cost

Get more clients

Do more with less

What we do

Client Relationship Management:

Manage your client and contact list together with an easy one-step carrier onboarding

Contract Management:

Generate your rate confirmation with a click of a button and save time

Freight planning and optimization:

Dispatch and manage all your equipment and assets

Real-time visibility:

Know where your trucks and loads are in real time. Routing and automated check calls. Knowledge is power!


Generate your invoice with a click of a button. Get paid faster

Digital Docs management:

Upload your Digital Proof of Delivery (POD) for faster processing and payment


Identify where you are wasting time (ILT – invisible lost time) – more loading, more driving more money

Multiplatform integration:

Connect with any of your current software/platforms with ease

How we do it ?


Made by logistics experts for the logistics industry. With in-depth industry know-how, we listen to your challenges to understand your pain point and hurdles to solve them.


We solve your logistics freight challenges by incorporating the most innovative and proven technology and processes combined with the latest artificial intelligence and real time data to support your business


Rest assured that you can reliably run your business with confidence with DonTruck. Our easy to use platform is accessed from everywhere, backed by our customer support. Grow your business, reduce your operational cost and improve your efficiency and productivity while maximizing your earnings

Made for shippers, carriers, brokers, and agents

DonTruck is the freight logistics planning and execution platform that works from everywhere. Made by logistics experts, it combines real-time visibility and artificial intelligence to make its customers more efficient and productive.

Who we do it for ?

Whether you are a shipper, a carrier, a broker or an agent, access the innovative logistics platform to optimize your freight shipments.

Logistics Providers:

Grow your business by providing your customers with top notch customer support and consistent reliability. Access millions of loads and carriers. Retain your customers and bring new ones.


Grow your business by improving your productivity and efficiency while lowering your operational costs. Increase your desirability to work with and get paid faster


Become more profitable by optimizing your shipping operation while lowering your costs. Reduce you safety inventory by more accurate arrival times